“I work directly from the landscape. This enables me to capture within my work a sense of the place and hopefully create the impression of being there.”

My recent works subject matter is predominately of the Cotswolds and the Roseland peninsula, Cornwall. Painting for me is essentially about drawing with colour. I work mainly with acrylics, the fast drying time and flexibility of this medium means that I can respond to changes in the weather conditions and make instant pictorial adjustments. The sense of light, the way that shadows and bright passages describe and punctuate the landscape and how these are altered by the time of day and season has always fascinated me, its constantly changing nature, wet expanses of sand in contrast to the static power of sheer rock faces, expansive skies and large sea swells are marvellous subjects. The fluid nature of the sea, the abstract qualities of the surf constantly revise and influence the way I approach painting. I have been working as a self-employed artist since 1997, before which I was the Head of Art at Homerton College Cambridge, lecturing in all aspects of Fine Art to B.ED and PGCE students.